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Heathen Iberia

The sun appears in the horizon,
The raven bless us from the sacred oaks,
Lug is with us, in a day as today.
With the first rays of light
Our axes and swords shine.
Soon we will start to sing old battle chants
That appeal to honour and death on battle
And the luras howled as if they came from the underworld
While the spirit of the sacred animals possessed us.
We fought as brave warriors
That's why we received our reward,
Because we fought for our things, for our land,
That's why teutates has revived us
Sinking us in the renewing cauldron.
Now is me who encourage you to march prideful,
Fight with no care about death
Because we felt that mourning
But we have returned
To keep honouring our kind,
To keep the pagan pride...
Heathen iberia!!!!!

Heathen Iberia de Cyhiriaeth, letra de la canción Heathen Iberia de Cyhiriaeth. Subir una canción