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The Track Back To The Ancient Ones

I wake up and see what we are turning to...
Where are the sons of the brave ones?
Where is the offspring of this land?
Many of them died fighting against the usurpers,
The rest of them turned weak and obedient,
Their blood has been betrayed
By the memory of their own sons.
But we take our weapons and march to battle.
We, the last of the brave warriors.
We, the summoners of the ancient spirit.
No doubt in our minds,
The light in our hearts guides us,
Our land is again the battlefield,
This time shall be no mercy.
Few, we stand pride
Knowing that our kind is watching us
From above with the dark ravens,
From below in the soil we fight for...

The Track Back To The Ancient Ones de Cyhiriaeth, letra de la canción The Track Back To The Ancient Ones de Cyhiriaeth. Subir una canción