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Cymbal Eat Guitars

Another Tunguska

I emerged as if through a narrowed eye
Into lashes of white sun from your apartment
And pollen clouds held absent sound
In gutted buildings we pray bridges and causeways
Curl fast again like slap bracelets
And the skyline resets to a bare, hushed wilderness

I worship the day of the invisible wave
Then a stream of revenants surged outward
Like prominences from the sun
1927 an explosion
Another tunguska

And at once i was flat on my back
My skateboard rolled on down the hill
The congregating deer stood stock still
In the corridor of manicured lawns

Remember you and i would get so high
We'd pass out with our shoes on
First light through leaves

This was back when my smoke would juke
And stutter in the highway crossbreeze

Another Tunguska de Cymbal Eat Guitars, letra de la canción Another Tunguska de Cymbal Eat Guitars. Subir una canción