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Dark figures gather around
Astouded at what they've found
Outside their city walls
Something profound
With his translucent skin
They can see a light within
Glowing, not one knowing
His plight or his origin

Taken deep within the city walls and shuffled through twisting halls
Deaf to the imprisoned calls to a viewing room to be inspected
Machines descend overhead in a hope to revive the dead
But he was always the one really alive while they were only just living

They pierce that body bright
And release a light
It hovers and blinds their sight
Illuminating the night
And then one steps aside
And screams "If we conquer his mind
We can use him again and again
To fulfill the plan"

What we have what is here will suit our deeds
Harvest grief clear their lands sow the seeds
Now that we stuck the needle in
He'll forget from where he began
Erase the thought the idea that he's free

The time is right the time is now he's awake
The blade will cut and slice to bring change
For all to be born again we'll influence the everyman
We can get what we want all we need

Is it over it's over does the end welcome me?
Is it over it's over then who will suceed?

Prop him up apply the chains let him bleed
The blood of saints the words of kings they will heed
Some will think we are evil men but weren't we all born of sin?
Come to truth that came from us so may it be

Is it over it's over does the end welcome me?
Is it over it's over then who will suceed?

I feel as if I'm back in the snow again
Then I believe I'm in a sterile room
I flash back to the journey I had to make
Now I'm back into my waiting tomb

Sleep now sleep now our brother
Dream deep eternal bliss
Recount remeber your future
Open hands will turn to fists

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