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L'Roneous Da'Versifier


Class open your textbooks
Hmm.. to the next school

I put the formula in the bottle system registers volume
But now all the mixes fixate and create the perfect limerick
Mixed with bits of old shit
Molded in Cold Crush increments rudiments recital
Chronicle ignite on piles of paper
Reaction rate escapes the scopes of isotopes called
yes yes y'all so pipe you toke all dank smoke provokes
the musical, whimsical, chemical, quantum lyrical
stylist, compiling, reply to the stimuli
Exemplified by the amplified phenomena
Deep like operas, completing thoughts to the, finish in this
I'm about to dent a sentence with the emphasis on sentiments
Now as we enter this, Fifth phase of Hip-Hop
Nowadays concave sights are prazed in amazing phrase
A Purple Haze of latent pressure
Methods blow, to a calculation formed a year ago
Clear concise in theory enticing these
Chemical compounds givin the raw sound to the beat

Now class I pass the vapors, along with the syllabus
And the context of my course next to the next is wordsound language
Verbatim simulations crazy trace the field notions
Concocting, elemental variums of dopeness
Two portions of distortion, and a can of corned "real"
with the universal science and, project appeal
Where we'll stand starry-eyed, at applied analysis
Case's b-boy inferences, substance infinite
Imprint principles to postulate expression
Krush Groove combustion, as testin the best in
speak techniques, kinetic or organic
For mix tape fanatics who be braggin that they have it
over the average ass platinum savages, unravelling
scientific notations obeying the fertile wind
Bend, lung power for hours, avoiding perilous flights
with earscopes and two mics, verbal showers over cowards
through the force of thermodynamic anti-matter, OK
It's granted to propensity of lyrical intensity
multiplied by three point one four, or pi
Cause it's diction of fragments in time

Now class
All further instructions will be given at the end of the recital
Not to be misconstrued with anything else here
we're teaching hip-hop
Beats, lyrical stylings
Love it, live it
Hip-Hop, l'chemy

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