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Your Magic Is Real

I believe in you
I believe in you

I wanna says thanks to Clare L. Evans
Whiskers Bechtolt, Steve Schraeder
Erin Cole-Jamieson, Adam Horchner, Rob Keysweater
Jack Delore, Mike Merrill, Maryanne Ritchie

Warren Bechtel, Harry and Gary Barnham
Curtis and Laurel Lamb
Matt Chambers, Larissa Meltzer, Eric Mast
Calvin Johnston, Luke Fishbeck, Jon Lankish

Rich Jenson, Maryella Lewis, Sarah Shapiro
Kyle Fields, Steve Cato, Betty and Con Lynn
Andy O'Malley, Daniel Peterson, Jameel Castri

Sarah Meadows, Hank Low, Sharon White

Adrian Orange, Irregular Greg, Jason Anderson
Andrew Peterson

Wait a second, we gotta change the beat
You ready?

Dicker Moranty, Coomi, Phil Elver, Julie Gainter
Rebecca Carlisle-Healy, Craig Davis, Curry Mairo
Susan Blitz, Tim Doddman, Kayla Meresitch

Meagan Downey, Dayne Longstred, Elisa Anderson
Andy Kaypek, Lauren Burnell, Devendra Banhart
Alex Layhan, Chris Swanson and Daniel Gill

States Rights Records, Marriage Records, Kay Records
Frisbees, Audio Drake, SongLab, Cramdiss, Rally Label
Pop Frenzy, Domino and you, thank you

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